2020 Player's Ceremony Promo Revealed

Published on 19 September 2020 at 07:25

The 2020 Player's Ceremony Promo has been revealed. These release yearly similar to like Champion's Festival promo's. It features Pikachu with Grookey, Grookey, Eldegoss, Galarian Zigzagoon, Polteageist, Snom and Alcremie.


According to ToineLay, it was confirmed on the official pokemon-card site, that players in Japan with at least 30 CSP will get this year's Player's Ceremony promo (making it by far the most common one).


But they also said that players with at least 1 CSP will also get a Professor's Research promo card. They did not mention which Professor it was, so far they always mentioned which Professor name it was. It always has been Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia) before, only Professor's Research has been named now.


So there is a chance a new professor could appear on the card. Maybe Professor Sonia? We don't know. 

Update: It's Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia) confirmed, so no new Professor. It has been shown by people in Japan on Twitter. Also has the same Pokémon Card Game Championship Series 2020 stamp. 

Update 2: Added better image of the card, thank you ToineLay!

Thank you pokeca_tac for the image.

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