Pokemon TCG: Raid Battle Box Revealed

Published on 20 August 2020 at 15:15

Our good friends over at Serebii.net has recieved from TPCi UK, an upcoming Pokémon TCG Raid Battle Box. Apparently it has been told by Joe Merrick, the webmaster of the aforementioned site, that this box is meant for when stores are allowed to hold events again.


This box includes the Raid Battle VMAX cards printed on official card stock as an oversized card. Alcremie VMAX has not been revealed yet. This is the first time we are seeing this Raid Battle VMAX card. You can't print this card either now.


Aside from the Raid Battle VMAX cards, if you are able to play this event at stores and if you win this event, you will get special promo cards. The 3 cards shown down below, are sent as examples from TPCi. These are Pikachu, Alcremie and Drednaw promo's with a Play! Pokémon stamp.


When these events will be available at stores, we don't know. Expect more information when TPCi decides to resume events physically again in the future.

Picture courtesy of Joe Merrick from Serebii.net, thank you very much!

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