New Mewtwo GX HR Promo revealed, limited to only 300 copies

Published on 9 June 2019 at 13:21

A new Mewtwo GX HR and SR are revealed as a Mewtwo HR competition promo prize award. Similar to the Zekrom HR competition from last year, which only is limited to 100 copies.

The Mewtwo HR 364/SM-P Promo seems to be a reprint from the smL Family Pokemon Card Game Mewtwo GX card. Only 300 Mewtwo GX HR copies will be given away.

Remix Bout

This is a promotion for the new upcoming set SM11a Remix Bout that is releasing on July 5, 2019. The pack art of Remix Bout has also been revealed today during the Japan Championships 2019 livestream, along with the announcement of the Mewtwo HR Competition.


The pack art confirms Blastoise & Piplup GX, Venusaur and Snivy GX and Charizard & Braixen GX as new Tag Team GX cards. The speculation of a Charizard, Venusaur & Blastoise being Triple Tag Team GX has been proven false now.

Also the  SR version (363/SM-P Promo) is also announced. If i am correct this will be also a prize in the same competition. And Erika will be given away as a participation award. 

Zekrom SR, HR and The Masked Royal SR were never released outside of Japan and Korea. There have been no plans yet for a worldwide release so far.  These promo cards may stay Japanese and Korean exclusive cards.

We will only get the regular version of Mewtwo GX most likely in the Hidden Fates Mewtwo GX tin that will release on September 6, 2019.

Erika 362/SM-P Promo seems to be a reprint of the Erika cards from Gym Heroes. 

The first battle of the Mewtwo HR Competition will be livestreamed on July 4, 2019 on NicoNico Live Broadcast.

What do you think of these cards? Let me know! 

Thanks for the heads up @pokexperto !
Thanks for spotting the reprint @Poketaj

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