Rebel Clash Premium 1 Pack Blister: Galarian Obstagoon / Gengar Spotted

Published on 7 May 2020 at 20:56

We have spotted the existence of Rebel Clash Premium 1 Pack Blisters. These were not listed at official distributors and seem to be available at Target / Walmart stores. Our August 2020 set Darkness Ablaze will have likely the same product in August. 


These 1 pack blisters cost $6.99 and feature along with 1 Rebel Clash pack, a TCGO Code and Coin, 3 cards with an evolution line.

Only Gengar and Galarian Obstagoon are holofoil and have the standard Sword & Shield set holofoil pattern. We are surprised they did not use a cosmofoil holofoil effect.

Unknown if for Darkness Ablaze, these Premium 1 pack / checklane blisters will be more available at stores worldwide.


Youtuber Andruidus has opened both blisters on his channel, we recommend watching it so you can have a look.

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