August 2020 Set Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze Announced

Published on 4 May 2020 at 13:24

Is everyone enjoying Rebel Clash? Well It seems you can look already forward to the August 2020 set. Our friends Total Cards have revealed the set name of the third Sword & Shield set. It will be called Darkness Ablaze.

There is little information about this set now. This set will release on August 14, 2020, 1 week later than the set normally would release. Very likely it's due to the current Corona situation.

This set will likely consist of:

We can expect cards like Eternatus V / Eternatus VMAX, Centiskorch V / Centiskorch VMAX and more cards from the earlier mentioned sets.

Currently only Eternatus has been confirmed from S3 Infinity Zone, since it's the main Pokémon the set is named and based after. But this month more info about Infinity Zone will be revealed in Japan. 

Total Cards also mentioned the existence of new products:

  • Premium Checklane Blister
  • 2-Pack Blister

Premium Checklane Blisters were released in the past as a Checklane Blister with an evolution line from the set. No information yet about the 2-Pack Blister. Not confirmed if this is the Enhanced 2-Pack Blister. 

When more information about the August set Darkness Ablaze has been revealed, we will let you know in the future.

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Lewis Bassett
4 years ago

I love pokemon and paw patrol mighty pups supper pups