Target Exclusive Sword & Shield Silvally / Golisopod Checklane Blisters Spotted

Published on 7 May 2020 at 00:19

We have discovered the existence of Target Exclusive Silvally / Golisopod Sword & Shield Checklane blisters. 

These kind of Target / Walmart exclusive products usually fly under the radar, we may be late covering this, but we think it's still worth posting this. 


This product includes a Sword & Shield Base set pack and Cosmos Foil Holo version of Silvally or Golisopod from Unified Minds. Type: Null and Wimpod have no Cosmofoil Holo treatment. 


Also a TCGO code is included with each blister, which unlocks the Cosmos Foil Holo versions of Silvally or Golisopod.


Currently unknown what the Rebel Clash versions are, if you have seen the Rebel Clash versions of these, please let us know. These are only sold locally and we don't have access to these stores.

Target released these exclusive Checklane blisters before for the past Tag Team sets. The last time during Unbroken Bonds, it was Arcanine / Melmetal. We have had Umbreon or Espeon with Eevee during Unified Minds,  Onix / Steelix or Wailmer / Wailord during Unbroken Bonds and Pikachu / Raichu or Magikarp / Gyarados during Team Up. 

Image comes from the Youtube channel Payday Pokemon, he opened these blisters on his channel, we recommend watching it. Thank you!

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3 years ago

I am seeking to acquire a sealed Steelix/Onix blister to complete a master set of Sun & Moon promo-blisters. Literally just one left. I am willing to dump a bunch of cash out for one, and I’ll even pay someone a $50 finders fee for getting me in touch with the seller. Help me secure this epic collection!