Snorlax VMAX Store Jumbo Promo Card + Free Jumbo Binder Revealed

Published on 29 April 2020 at 09:22

Any Snorlax fans again? Like the last store Jumbo promo that was a Snorlax V Jumbo, this time a Snorlax VMAX Jumbo card will be the store promo at for at least select GameStop stores if you spend $25 on Pokémon TCG products there. You also get a Sword & Shield themed Jumbo binder that holds Jumbo cards.


No information yet if this specific promo will be available in other countries. Last time several stores in different countries had the Snorlax V Jumbo promo. However with the current situation we are unsure what will  happen. Other stores will most likely get the confirmed Dragapult Rebel Clash Promo card soon.


Of course we will update this article when other countries / stores have been confirmed. 


Update 1-5-2020: Added real life picture of the Snorlax VMAX Jumbo card and Jumbo binder. Thank you very much immewnity for providing this image!


Update 1-5-2020 #2: You can buy the Sword & Shield Jumbo binder separately at for $9,99.

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Ian Williams
4 years ago

Hi I’m in the uk I collect jumbos 130 + differant ones so far not far off everyone that was made would I be able to get this v max snorlax & folder delivered to uk

4 years ago

IAN Williams Yes i would get this to you but it could be pricey i would try ebay or amazon also the binder does not hold the other jumbos supports 13.5mm only not the 14.5mm email me

3 years ago

Hi I'm in Ireland a huge Pokémon fan and my fav is snorlax roughly how much to deliver to Ireland and for the vmax and binder
Thanks 👍

2 years ago

I wish I had a snorlax vmax in my dream