Snorlax V Sword & Shield Store Jumbo Promo Card Revealed

Published on 6 February 2020 at 21:23

Any Snorlax fans? A Snorlax V Sword & Shield card will be a store promo at GAME UK stores if you buy any Pokémon products TCG there.

This will be a Jumbo card version with a Sword & Shield stamped logo on it. 

This seems to be exclusive for at least GAME UK stores in the UK. No information if this specific promo will be available in other countries. Other stores will most likely get the confirmed Galarian Obstagoon Promo card tomorrow at Sword & Shield release.

Our friend PokeTaj has spotted this image, thank you!


Update: Confirmed for Spain if you purchase Pokémon TCG Products at FNAC stores.

Update 2: Also confirmed for Italy if you spend €9,99 at GameStop, Prénatal, Toys Center stores or other authorised stores.

Update 3: It's been confirmed that this is the new smaller Jumbo size. 

Update 4: Also confirmed for the Netherlands if you spend €10 or more on Pokémon TCG cards in Intertoys stores.

Update 5 (6-8-2020): Also confirmed for Chile when buying Pokémon TCG products during August 2020.

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