Capture Energy, Galar Mine, and Spiritomb Revealed From S2 Rebellion Crash

Published on 27 February 2020 at 09:40

Capture Energy, Galar Mine, and Spiritomb have been revealed from S2 Rebellion Crash.



 (translation by Pokexperto for Capture Energy and all translations have been extra translated by ToineLay)



Capture Energy

When attached to a Pokémon, this card provides one Colorless Energy. When you attach this card from your hand to one of your Pokémon, search your deck for a Basic Pokémon and place it on your bench. Then shuffle your deck.



[D] Split Grudge

Both players discard the top card of their deck.

[D][C] Mortified Drop

Place damage counters on your opponent’s active Pokémon equal to the number of Pokémon in your discard pile.


Galar Mine


Each players’ active Pokémon’s Retreat Cost is [C][C] more.

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