Galarian Obstagoon Sword & Shield Store Promo Revealed

Published on 28 January 2020 at 00:35

Galarian Obstagoon from Sword & Shield will be the next store promo if you spend a certain amount of money on Pokémon products in participating stores. 

It will have an exclusive cosmofoil version with the Sword & Shield set logo, the regular version will be a holo card in Sword & and is number 119/202 in the set list. This is not a Sword & Shield Prerelease promo card. 


This distribution is similar to the Suicune, Moltres, MelmetalGarchomp and Solgaleo promo's we got earlier that were also store promo's. 

More details on how to obtain this card will follow soon when Sword & Shield within the upcoming weeks. So you are advised to keep your eyes open and check/ask your national toy/game stores during release.


Netherlands / Belgium:

Confirmed for Game Mania Netherlands / Game Mania Belgium stores if you spend €10 minimum on Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield products.


Confirmed for WHSmith if you £10 or more on Pokémon TCG products in WHSmith high street stores to receive Galarian Obstagoon.


Confirmed for MyToys, Smyths or Müller stores if you spend €10 or more on Pokémon TCG products.


Confirmed on participating stores if you spend €10 or more on Pokémon TCG products.


Confirmed for PicWicToys stores if you spend €20 or more on Pokémon TCG products.


Confirmed for GameStop, Prénatal, Toys Center stores or other authorised stores if you spend €9,99 or more on on Pokémon TCG products.


Confirmed for Big Bang Entertainment during August 2020 if you buy Pokémon TCG products. 

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