Morpeko Champions League 2020 Promo and Shiny Magikarp Flip Deck box Lottery Reward revealed

Published on 13 December 2019 at 09:59

You can obtain this Morpeko 032/S-P Promo if you participate in the Pokemon Card Game Champions League 2020 Aichi event. I believe this is the first Sword & Shield TCG Champions League promo. 


Additionally, there is a lottery coming during this event. A Shiny Magikarp Flip Deck Box. The details of obtaining this product is (thank you ToineLay):

Anyone participating in the main or side events will have a random number assigned to them, and if their number is one of the 50 randomly drawn they’ll get a free Shiny Magikarp Flip Deck Box (which will also be for sale for 3000yen + tax if I’m not mistaken).

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