Pokémon Korea Exclusive TAG TEAM GX Tag All Stars Special Kit revealed

Published on 13 December 2019 at 11:15

Pokémon Korea has revealed a special product named TAG TEAM GX Tag All Stars Special Kit. This product contains 2 deckboxes, 1 deckbox with Tag All Stars artwork and 1 original design deckbox. 

This also comes with the Gyarados GX, Raichu GX and Charizard GX promo's from the Hidden Fates Tins.

Release Date 21 December, 2019

Price 25000 won

Product Contents

  • High Class Pack TAG TEAM GX Tag All-Stars  5 Packs
  • Promo Card Charizard GX 1x
  • Promo Card Gyarados GX 1x
  • Promo Card Raichu GX 1x
  • Deck Box Tag All-Stars 1x
  • Original Deck Box 1x
  • Pokémon Card Album Tag All-Stars 1 x (Approximately 160 cards can be stored)
  • Large Card Storage Box 1x (Approximately 1400 cards can be stored)

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