New Pokémon Card Gym Sword & Shield Promo's announced

Published on 29 November 2019 at 07:56

New Pokémon Gym promos have been announced. Bede 027/S-P can be obtained starting from December 6, 2019. And Pikachu and Cinderace will be part of the new Pokémon Card Gym pack set. You can obtain these during Pokémon Card Gym tournaments.

No Pokémon V card has been revealed (yet) in this pack set. Not confirmed if it will contain V cards. Sun & Moon Pokémon Card Gym packs contained a GX card in the set.

Cinderace will be available in our Sword & Shield theme Deck.


Edit 2-12-2019: All cards have been revealed now! 


Eiscue V, Gossifleur, Galarian Ponyta, Noctowl and Mantine are part of this set too!


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