More Starter V5 Deck info has been revealed, Marnie and Professor Magnolia get a Supporter card

Published on 22 September 2019 at 10:34

More Starter V5 Deck info has been revealed, earlier today the V Pokémon cards were revealed during Champions League 2020 Tokyo.


Marnie gets her debut as a Supporter card in the Sword & Shield Starter V5 decks. We also get a Sycamore reprint, Professor Magnolia is it's successor.

Also a new Rayquaza card has been shown, you will get this card for every 2 starter decks you buy.

You will see the new holo pattern of Sword & Shield TCG. Also Grookey, Sobble and Scorbunny will be included as holo cards in the Fire, Grass and Water Starter V5 decks. 


These Starter decks will release November 29, 2019.


Translations come from our friends @ToineLay and DavidHochmann


both players put their hands face down and shuffle their hand, then put their shuffled hand at the bottom of their deck. Then you draw 5 cards, and your opponent draws 4.

Professor’s Research - Prof. Magnolia

Discard your hand, draw 7 cards.

Professor’s Research appears to be the card name in top left, with Prof Magnolia written top right. No info yet on what that means.



The defending Pokémon cant retreat next turn.


Discard an energy from this Pokémon.

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