New Upcoming Rule to be added in Japan to Pokémon TCG, New Japanese Standard Format announced

Published on 22 September 2019 at 15:40

During the Champions League 2020 Tokyo livestream, Japan revealed their new set and set regulations (new format) for the upcoming season. 


New Rule

In Japan, starting from Friday, November 29, 2019:

There will be a new rule that states: You can’t play supporters on your first turn going first.

Whether this is going to be announced for global players, is yet unknown. 


New Format in Japan

Also cards with the regulation mark A will rotate out. This means in Japan sets beginning with the regulation marks B, C and D (and later) will be legal to play in their respective Standard format for this season.

This might mean, since our international English set Sword & Shield TCG also includes the D regulation mark, that means Pokémon might implement a global rotation in the future.

This would avoid alot of confusion to players and this is much easier to explain to players.


In Japan, where these cards originated from, they are straight reprints from their respective set. These work almost the same as your Alternate Art symbol.

They work with Regulation Marks;

(Rough translation to our English sets)

  • Block A = Sun & Moon Base Set to Crimson Invasion
  • Block B = Ultra Prism to Lost Thunder
  • Block C = Team Up to Cosmic Eclipse
  • Block D = Sword & Shield TCG to future SwSh TCG sets

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