SM11b Dream League all SR/CHR/UR/HR cards

Published on 31 July 2019 at 06:24

Update: All images have been added. Update 2: Digital scans added

All of the SM11b Dream League SR / CHR and UR cards are on this page. 


They have ditched the 3DCG rendered SR / HR cards and let illustrators hand draw these versions. This is a first. Power Plant from Unbroken Bonds has been made a Gold card stadium. We might see that card in our November set Cosmic Eclipse.

We also get to see new CHR cards of:

  • Pikachu (with Red)
  • Steelix (with Jasmine)
  • Torkoal (with Flannery)
  • Gallade (with Wally)
  • Magnemite (with Lt. Surge)
  • Koffing (with Roxie)
  • Weavile (with Cyrus)

This makes a total of 12 CHR cards for Dream League. 

It's still developing so this will be updated tomorrow troughout the day, so please come back or follow me on Twitter! The images will be replaced with proper scans this week. 


This set will release on Friday August 2, 2019.


What is your favorite SR/HR/UR/CHR card of Dream League? Let me know! 

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