Solgaleo & Lunala GX SR revealed from SM11b Dream League

Published on 30 July 2019 at 06:48

Update: Excadrill CHR added.

Solgaleo & Lunala GX SR has been revealed yet again from an advertisement. Earlier in Japan Reshiram & Zekrom GX SR was also revealed on an web ad. Lillie also features as a cameo appearance again. 

Creatures is certainly not cheaping out on their marketing department this time for Dream League, it's very unusual for them to promote their set as heavy like this. So far it seems Dream League is going to be a very popular set. 

There are still more CHR and SR cards to come. Come back tomorrow for all the SR / UR /CHR cards of SM11b Dream League. 


What do you think of these cards so far? Let me know! 

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5 years ago

Can the trainers will be in full art yes or no!

5 years ago

I think these will be hard to find !

5 years ago

Oh no man please give me normal Full Arts and Rainbow rares.