Ultra PRO Pokémon - Premium Snap Binder Revealed

Published on 4 April 2024 at 05:49
Ultra PRO Pokémon - First Partner Accessory Bundle Announced

Feelling a little nostalgic?

Ultra PRO has revealed a new type of binder called the Premium Snap Binder. The exact release date for this collection. as with most Ultra Pro Pokémon collections, is currently unknown. Pricing currently too. We will update this article if we see a placeholder date and pricing.


These binders look similar to the vintage Toysite Pokemon binder from many years ago.

The Premium Snap Binder for Pokémon is the ideal accessory for trading card collectors of every age! Each binder features a blue padded leatherette cover with a rubber Pokémon logo emblem, and can be securely closed with the enamel Pokéball snap on the front. Inside this durable binder, you’ll find twenty 4-pocket pages sized for standard trading cards in side-loading pockets, allowing you to store up to 160 cards in Deck Protector® sleeves. Pages feature a low-friction black backing, creating a separation between the front and back pockets as well as providing cards a classic framed look. Every Premium Snap Binder is made with acid-free, non-PVC materials to ensure your cards are well protected and preserved.

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