Pikachu wearing a Batik shirt Promo Revealed, Part of Pikachu's Indonesia Journey

Published on 16 February 2024 at 08:33

Looking good!

Pokemon Indonesia are giving out a exclusive Pikachu in Batik Shirt promo in Indonesia, as part of their Pikachu's Indonesia Journey campaign, this campaign is full of events in Indonesia in collaboration with "Pikachu Jet GA", a special Pikachu themed airplane from Garuda Indonesia that operates throughout Asia.


Throughout 2024, you can get a Pikachu wearing a Batik shirt promo card at every Pokémon event in your city.

You can also get this card at various shops in Indonesia later. There will be more designs.


for more info about this campaign in Indonesia:



Update April 20, 2024: The next Pikachu wearing a Batik shirt has been revealed, the shirt pattern is a Xatu design. 

This promo card can be obtained at various places according to their site such as GYM stores, retail stores, and Pokémon TCG events.

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