Ceruledge Pokemon Day 2024 Store Promo Revealed

Published on 8 February 2024 at 20:34

Getting hyped for Pokemon Day?

Toys "R" Us will hand out a Pokemon Day 2024 stamped Ceruledge card during their Pokémon Trade + Play Day event in participating Toys "R" Us stores on February 24, 2024. For now we have only seen Toys "R" Us Canada stores doing this promotion, but more countries / stores may come soon.


You will receive a free Ceruledge promo when you spend $15 CAD or more on Pokémon products in Toys "R" Us Canada stores.This is the Ceruledge card originally from Paldea Evolved.


When we know more, of course we will update this article.


Update 09-02-2024. Ceruledge promo is also being made available at Pokemoncenter.com (US, UK & CA), and Best Buy USA & GameStop USA stores. Latin America is also getting this promotion, but no specific stores have been mentioned.


The special website https://tcg.pokemon.com/en-gb/ceruledge/ does not show off this promotion for other countries.


  • Toys "R" Us
  • Pokemoncenter.com


  • BestBuy
  • GameStop
  • pokemoncenter.com


  • pokemoncenter.com

Latin America:

  • Make a purchase at participating stores.

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