Long-Awaited Jirachi V Box Spotted: Release Likely Imminent Now

Published on 29 August 2023 at 22:20

Almost a year later!

After a span of nearly 258 days from its initial discovery, the Jirachi V Box has now surfaced on the shelves of the big French supermarket chain, Carrefour.


Our friends from Pokécardex forum and their several members have spotted the French version of the long-awaited Jirachi V Box at Carrefour stores. We have a visuals also spotted by them, which originated from eBay. 


We currently do not have information regarding an English release yet, but as soon we know this, we will of course update this article.


Last week, the virtual addition of this box to Pokémon TCG Live strongly suggested that the physical release is now imminent.

Update 19-09-2023: We have found English product images of the Jirachi V box, this product will be available semi-exclusively at select retailers.

Original News Story

We have an important update regarding a previous story we covered in December 2022.


We have come across a digital image of the Jirachi V Black Star promo (SWSH299) in the Pokémon TCG Card Dex app, which is particularly noteworthy as the localization files from Pokémon TCG Live make direct reference to a 'Jirachi V Box'.

Our original report was based on data from an official TPCi distributor that mentioned a 'Jirachi V Box/Showcase' at the time, alongside with the absence of Jirachi in Astral Radiance, it made sense at the time. The existence of this visual image confirms that the Jirachi V Box was indeed intended to be released.


It remains to be seen what the future holds for this promo and box, as the Full Art version of Jirachi V is currently only available in Astral Radiance, making it the only way to obtain and use the card. While TPCi has a track record of releasing promotional items from previous generations into the current one, we cannot say for certain whether they will do so with the Jirachi V Box in the future.


Famous examples are:

Original Story

We have the first information regarding a new V Box called the Jirachi V Box that has been listed, and we are likely the first to share this information as well.


Although there is not much information available about this product, it all adds up. Jirachi V's standard artwork version, which debuted in S10D Time Gazer, was never made available by TPCi. Jirachi V was only available in Full Art form from Astral Radiance.


It's possible that this potential final V Box will be released in March 2023.


An oversized card, a code card, 1 extra foil card, and the usual four booster packs should be included in this V Box, which is expected to cost $19.99 USD MSRP (not confirmed yet).


Naturally, when we learn more, we'll let you know here.

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