Jirachi GX Collection Box Revealed, Includes Jirachi GX Full Art Promo Card

Published on 19 October 2020 at 10:17

Jirachi GX Full art that was found in TCGO a while ago, is finally getting released! Our friends over at Alpha Teaster TCG spotted this product at the Walmart site.


It contains Jirachi GX Full Art from SM12a Tag All Stars, Lucario SM54 promo and Decidueye SM55 promo. Not sure if the last two Sun & Moon promo's contain a different holo pattern. These two promo's came from the Crimson Invasion 3-Pack blisters. There was probably some leftovers available to throw them into this box. Lastly two coins and from what it seems a mixture of 10 XY and Sun & Moon packs on the product image. 


This product has been listed at Walmart for $49.99 and and will release November 4, 2020. Unsure if this is a Walmart exclusive product or not. We will update this article soon if it's exclusive or not. 


They are aiming for the holiday season with this product, it's an article listed at Walmart specifically as an Black Friday item. It will be $20 as part of a Special Buy item on November 7 at Walmart. A similar box named the Small But Mighty Premium Collection is also coming.


Update: We couldn't find anything in the GameStop and Target stores. 

Product description:

Now Jirachi Is at Your Command! Rare and mysterious, Mythical Pokemon arrive when they choose-and disappear just as quickly! Step forward into a new level of play with the Pokemon Jirachi GX Collection Box. Each box includes:

• 1 full-art Jirachi-GX card
• 2 foil cards featuring Lucario and Decidueye
• 2 coins
• 10 booster packs
• A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

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4 years ago

There is so much hate for this product!
If you sell the Evolutions pack then it becomes $10 for 9 packs, 2 coins, 2 promos, and a full art GX!!!