Play! Pokémon Prize Packs Series 3 Spotted, Cosmos Holo & Scarlet & Violet Cards Included

Published on 2 August 2023 at 12:34

You like Cosmos holo?

Exciting changes coming with the Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series 3. Our source gave us photos of the contents of 1 prize pack series 3 booster pack in German language. The changes included are that the holo cards are now in Cosmos holo style and includes cards from the Scarlet & Violet block.


What exact cards are in there, is currently unknown. But it's safe to assume that cards from Brilliant Stars all the way up to Scarlet & Violet Base set are in there. When we know more, we will update our article.

Our good friend PlaySkape Games compiled a big spreadsheet at the time of Series 1 and 2 giving great insight of what to potentially expect of Series 3.


The spreadsheet is found here.


Series 1 consisted of: Sword & Shield Base set to Evolving Skies

Series 2 consisted of: Battle Styles to Brilliant Stars


Each Prize Pack comprises six cards, selected from a pool of 200 or more, all of which are legal in the Standard format and feature the unique Play! Pokémon logo, from well-known Pokémon to special foil upgrades of tournament staples.


You can expect Series Three in August 2023. Make sure to check with your local Pokemon League if they will get these packs.

Prize Pack Series Three has a limited duration as Series Four will become available in February 2024.

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I love Cosmo hollows