Video: Japanese Pokemon Card Game Intro Pack | 1999 VHS (Beginners) Introduction Video

Published on 5 March 2023 at 22:00

This is old!

We have uploaded a digital version of the VHS tape that was included in the Japanese exclusive Pocket Monsters Card Game Intro Pack (ポケットモンスターカードゲーム イントロパック), which was released on July 30, 1999.


This (starter deck) product was designed for novice players and included a 40-card deck, as opposed to the standard 60-card deck. Along with the deck, the Intro Pack included a VHS tape that provided an introduction to playing the Pokemon Card Game for those who were new to it.


Thane Camus, who is an American TV personality and actor in Japan, presented the video. You will see Tomoaki Imakuni too.

We hope that you enjoy viewing this preserved video and witness the early stages of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


Special thanks to: 丽丽 - Lili (@sadouxi) for digitizing this VHS Tape and sharing it with us.

Watch the video here:

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Wendell Damm Pressman
a year ago

This is a great throwback! I miss those simple days! I was at a card show looking for some rare Pokémon cards to add to my portfolio and there was an amazing turnout. We were deep in the woods of Maine.

There was a snowstorm and it absolutely filled the parking lots and the ice froze the doors shut. People were having such a great time until we realized there was no way out and that we had only cheap candy and sugar packets to eat.

There was a content creator named Zheng Lin-Doop and he told us not to panic. Then there was a light in the hallway and a flash and this loud roar.

No one moved. It was wild and I had this great Charmander card that I wanted to purchase. The lights went out and these people started a fire in a trash can. They called themselves “Survival strategists” but they elected to neglect the fact that the trash can was made of bamboo. Whoops! The temperature dropped to -10 so my Charmander got soooo small. I threw a can of soup through the thick glass of the bathroom window. I needed to feel like I was still firmly placed within reality.

People were going crazy. There were regional gangs that set up in certain hallways. I know someone got “Teffleflinkedled” near the bathroom. You could smell it, like pine trees found in bad places.

One guy claimed we were in cinnamon city and this janitor tied him to a heater vent.

It was a fun day.