Ultra PRO Pokémon - Pokémon Tournament Folios 3-Pack Revealed

Published on 31 January 2023 at 22:38

Ultra PRO Pokémon - First Partner Accessory Bundle Announced

protect your decklists in style!

Ultra PRO has revealed a new product for Pokemon TCG. And it's called the Pokémon Tournament Folios 3-Pack. The exact release date for this collection. as with most Ultra Pro Pokémon collections, is currently unknown. We will update this article if we see a placeholder date.


If you are familiar with Japanese products, these are 'clear files'. It is essentially a folder (for your A4 sized papers), but it is (sometimes) partially transparent and made of plastic. Now these are meant for tournaments, more specicially paper decklists.


No MSRP seen yet.

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Jared Miclea
8 months ago

We didn’t need those lol! 😂