Ultra PRO Pokémon - Paldea Region Bundle Announced

Published on 23 January 2023 at 23:25
Ultra PRO Pokémon - First Partner Accessory Bundle Announced

A complete bundle to start playing!

Ultra PRO has revealed a new version of their Accessory Bundle. And it's called the Paldea Region Bundle. The exact release date for this collection. as with most Ultra Pro Pokémon collections, is currently unknown. We will update this article if we see a placeholder date. The previous version was the First Partner Accessory Bundle.


It features all Paldea starters on the design. It includes a card storage box, a playmat, deckbox and deck sleeves. We think it's a nice bundle for beginning players to gift.


The MSRP for the previous version is $44.99 USD, we imagine it's the same for this.

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