Ultra PRO Pokémon - First Partner Accessory Bundle Announced

Published on 5 January 2022 at 22:51
Ultra PRO Pokémon - First Partner Accessory Bundle Announced

A complete bundle to start playing!

Ultra PRO has revealed a new Pokémon product. And it's called the First Partner Accessory Bundle. The exact release date for this collection. as with most Ultra Pro Pokémon collections, is currently unknown. We will update this article if we see a placeholder date, we think it's planned for Q4 2022 (multiple stores list it for Q4 2022).


It features all First Partner Pokemon on the design. It includes a card storage box, a playmat, deckbox and deck sleeves. We think it's a nice bundle for beginning players to gift.


No MSRP mentioned yet. However their Teferi Accessories Bundle for Magic: The Gathering costs $46.99 at their own webshop. The extra item that specific Bundle has, is an extra Life Pad. Expect this bundle to be similarly priced to the Magic: The Gathering version.

First Partner Accessory Bundle for Pokémon

This special bundle includes one playmat, 65 Deck Protector® sleeves, and one Deck Box® with a matching deck divider. All accessories are packaged in a themed card storage box which holds up to 700 cards sleeved in Ultra PRO sleeves. Accessories feature iconic Pokémon energy symbols and popular starter Pokémon represented from Kanto to Galar. regions. This bundle makes an excellent gift and is a must-have for any Pokémon trainer or collector.

  • Complete trading card accessory bundle for Pokémon
  • Storage box holds 700+ sleeved cards
  • Full-view Deck Box® with matching card divider (holds 80+ standard size TCG cards)
  • 65ct Deck Protector® sleeves made with ChromaFusion Technology™ to prevent delamination
  • Playmat (measures approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in.)

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