S6a Eevee Heroes All SR/HR/UR Cards

S6a Eevee Heroes SR/HR/UR cards are being revealed today. 

This is the latest expansion set of Sword & Shield! This set could be likely included in our Evolving skies set. 

It's still developing so this page will be actively updated throughout the day, so please come back! 

This set will release on Friday May 28, 2021. What is your favorite (Eeveelution) card of this set? Let us know!


(These images come from various Japanese marketplaces)

Promo card:

Espeon VMAX Special Art 189/S-P promo, only obtainable in the S6a Eevee Heroes - Eeveelutions Set

SA = Special Art

Number Card
070/069 Leafeon V SR
071/069 Leafeon V SR SA
072/069 Flareon V SR
073/069 Flareon V SR SA
074/069 Vaporeon V SR
075/069 Vaporeon V SR SA
076/069 Glaceon V SR
077/069 Glaceon V SR SA
078/069 Jolteon V SR
079/069 Jolteon V SR SA
080/069 Espeon V SR
081/069 Espeon V SR SA
082/069 Sylveon V SR
083/069 Sylveon V SR SA
084/069 Umbreon V SR
085/069 Umbreon V SR SA
086/069 Aroma Lady SR
087/069 Gordie SR
088/069 Leafeon VMAX HR
089/069 Leafeon VMAX HR SA
090/069 Glaceon VMAX HR
091/069 Glaceon VMAX HR SA
092/069 Sylveon VMAX HR
093/069 Sylveon VMAX HR SA
094/069 Umbreon VMAX HR
095/069 Umbreon VMAX HR SA
096/069 Aroma Lady HR
097/069 Gordie HR
098/069 Inteleon UR
099/069 Vigor Shake UR
100/069 Turffield Stadium UR
101/069 Darkness Energy UR

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