S4 Astonishing Volt Tackle all SR/HR/UR Cards

S4 Astonishing Volt Tackle SR/HR/UR cards are being revealed today. The latest expansion set of Sword & Shield! This set will \be included in our Vivid Voltage set. Expect many of these cards to be included in Vivid Voltage.

It's still developing so this page will be actively updated throughout the day, so please come back! 

This set will release on Friday September 18. 2020. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!



  • Galarian Obstagoon from Sword & Shield Base Set is the Gold Shiny card. 
  • Bea and Leon SR have been officially revealed. 

Update 2: All cards added.

Update 3: Digital scans added.

101/100 Orbeetle V SR 
102/100 Talonflame V SR 
103/100 Galarian Darmanitan V SR
104/100 Pikachu V SR
105/100 Alakazam V SR
106/100 Galarian Sirfetch'd V SR
107/100 Drapion V SR
108/100 Aegislash V SR
109/100 Bea SR
110/100 Leon SR
111/100 Nessa SR
112/100 Orbeetle VMAX HR 
113/100 Galarian Darmanitan VMAX HR 
114/100 Pikachu VMAX HR
115/100 Aegislash VMAX HR 
116/100 Bea HR
117/100 Leon HR
118/100 Nessa HR
119/100 Galarian Obstagoon (Shiny) UR
120/100 Longview Scope UR
121/100 Memory Capsule UR

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