S3 Sword & Shield Infinity Zone all SR/HR/UR Cards

Published on 3 June 2020 at 05:00

S3 Infinity Zone SR/HR/UR cards are being revealed today. The third main expansion set of Sword & Shield! This set will be included in our third August set Darkness Ablaze.

It's still developing so this page will be actively updated throughout the day, so please come back! 

This set will release on Friday June 5, 2020. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!


Update: (Shiny) Coalossal UR (Tar Generator from Rebel Clash) will be the Shiny Gold card for this set. Breaking the trend of the expected Sword & Shield Prerelease pattern(Rillaboom, Galarian Perrserker and Frosmoth). Many expected Cinccino to be the Gold card for this set. 

Update 2: Set list is complete. 

Update 3: Updated with better quality images.

Update 4: Added digital scans.

101/100 Houndoom V SR
102/100 Drednaw V SR
103/100 Galarian Cursola V SR
104/100 Rhyperior V SR
105/100 Crobat V SR
106/100 Eternatus V SR
107/100 Scizor V SR
108/100 Salamence V SR
109/100 Piers SR
110/100 Rose SR
111/100 Drednaw VMAX HR
112/100 Eternatus VMAX HR
113/100 Scizor VMAX HR
114/100 Salamence VMAX HR
115/100 Piers HR
116/100 Rose HR
117/100 Coalossal UR
118/100 Turbo Patch UR
119/100 Capture Energy UR

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