S1a Sword & Shield VMAX Rising all SR/HR/UR Cards

S1a VMAX Rising SR/HR/UR cards are being revealed today. The second expansion set of Sword & Shield!

It's still developing so this will be actively updated throughout the day, so please come back! 

This set will release on Friday February 7, 2020

What is your favorite card of this set? Let me know!


Update 1: Sonia SR has been officially revealed.

Update 2: Shiny Frosmoth UR added, Non-V cards will get UR Gold Cards too now! The regular card itself originated from Expansion Shield and not from VMAX Rising. The regular version is in our Sword & Shield TCG Base set too under Frosmoth 064/202. 

Update 3: Set is complete.

Update 4: Digital scans added.

Official scan of Sonia SR.

071/70 Rillaboom V SR
072/70 Cinderace V SR
073/70 Inteleon V SR
074/70 Boltund V SR
075/70 Sandaconda V SR
076/70 Dubwool V SR
077/70 Sonia SR
078/70 Milo SR
079/70 Rillaboom VMAX HR
080/70 Cinderace VMAX HR
081/70 Inteleon VMAX HR
082/70 Sonia HR
083/70 Milo HR
084/70 Frosmoth UR
085/70 Big Charm UR

086/070 Twin Energy UR

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