S11a Incandescent Arcana All SR/CHR/CSR/HR/UR Cards

S11a Incandescent Arcana releases September 2, 2022. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!

Card Number Card Name Rarity Character
69/68  Braixen  CHR Serena
70/68  Milotic CHR Wallace
71/68  Jynx CHR Will
72/68  Gardevoir CHR Diantha
73/68  Smeargle CHR Artist
74/68  Altaria CHR
75/68 Serperior V SR
76/68  Reshiram V SR
77/68  Alolan Vulpix V  SR
78/68  Mawile V  SR
79/68  Magearna V  SR
80/68  Ho-Oh V  SR
81/68  Serena  SR
82/68  Furisode Girl  SR
83/68  Wallace  SR
84/68 Serperior V  CSR Rosa
85/68  Mawile V  CSR Bede
86/68 Serperior VSTAR   HR
87/68  Alolan Vulpix VSTAR HR
88/68  Mawile VSTAR   HR
89/68 Serena  HR
90/68 Furisode Girl  HR
91/68 Wallace  HR
92/68  Serperior VSTAR  UR
93/68  Energy Switch  UR
94/68  V Guard Energy  UR

SR = Super Rare

CHR = Character Rare

CSR = Character Super Rare

HR = Hyper Rare

UR = Ultra Rare

(Some of these images come from various Japanese marketplaces)

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