PokeGuardian Podcast #31 - Lost Abyss, Special Delivery Charizard, Eevee Heroes Reprint

Published on 20 July 2022 at 17:00
PokeGuardian Podcast #28 - VSTAR Universe, Dark Fantasma, Top 300 of PTCG Illustration Contest 2022

Welcome to the PokeGuardian Podcast. This is the 31th episode.

The hosts of the show will be Taj from PokéTaj, Zakariya (PrimalLugia), the webmaster of PokeGuardian.


And in this episode, Julian from okJLUV returns as a guest and takes over as host from Taj, and we have some exciting news to discuss.

The ever-popular Eevee Heroes set, as well as Fusion Arts, Vivid Voltage, and Start Deck 100, will be reprinted. Also, since Lost Abyss was released last week, we must discuss the stunning special art cards.


Special Delivery Charizard? Did you think it would never be released after nearly two years? It's finally here! The VSTAR Special Set and the VSTAR & VMAX High Class Deck Zeraora / Deoxys were also released on the same day as Lost Abyss.


We'll go over Sword & Shield - Lost Origin and its products briefly, as well as the Holiday Calendar. Finally, VMAX Climax is doing very well on the secondary market, with eBay Japan publishing some very interesting data on it.

If you would like to catch up on the latest videos from Julian, you can find his YouTube channel okJLUV here along with his social media accounts:

00:00 - Intro

01:10 - Card Pickups

11:39 - Eevee Heroes Reprint

24:38 - Lost Abyss Release

35:07 - Sword & Shield - Lost Origin

42:30 - Lost Origin Card Binders

45:17 - Special Delivery Charizard

51:51 - Pokemon Card Game Shoulder Bag

56:19 - Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar

1:02:00 - VSTAR Special Set

1:06:05 - VSTAR & VMAX High Class Deck Zeraora / Deoxys

1:10:27 -  eBay Japan: 'VMAX Climax Best Selling Product'

1:19:00 - Outro

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