Sword & Shield 12.5 Special Set Confirmed, Alot of Missing Japanese Promos & Cards Coming

Published on 19 July 2022 at 15:50

Missing Japanese Promos? There's a good chance they'll end up in these sets and products.

TPC Japan has officially revealed some very interesting data. The official Worlds Legal Card List has been revealed to the (Japanese) players, we obtained this list and it's confirming the following important facts:


Sword & Shield 12 has been confirmed, which comes as no surprise, but a Sword & Shield 12.5 Special Set has been named, and Japanese promos that have yet to be released in TPCi territory now have an TPCi promo number; these will be available internationally here (TPCi territory) at some point.


Special Sets are sets that usually are only found in special products like products of Pokemon GO (SWSH10.5), Celebrations (SWSH7.5) Shining Fates (SWSH4.5), Champions Path (SWSH3.5) and etc. 


The promos shown are likely part of upcoming future products. In the promo list, it's confirmed that Champions Festival also returns as a 2022 Pokémon World Championships promo. We also added the partial set list of the upcoming set of Lost Origin. 


GrollenKette951 from PokéWiki.de has compiled a list too in text form of the list with the card numbers, which is found below as a screenshot and here in page form.


Disclaimer: Not all cards have been revealed, and only a portion (not all) of the cards have been confirmed for the upcoming sets. We don't know more than this. Additionally, there are numerous inconsistencies and typos in the Worlds Legal Card List. When we have more information and cards have been revealed, we will of course cover this in the future.

Unrevealed cards but are included in SWSH12.5

  • 233/S-P / SWSH12.5 147 Hoopa V
  • 302/S-P /  SWSH12.5 90 Absol (corocoro promo to be revealed soon)

Confirmed cards for Sword & Shield 12.5 Special Set:

Promo cards:

Sword & Shield 12 cards:

Unrevealed: 222/S-P / SWSH12 158 - Gym Trainer (could be this one)

Lost Origin confirmed cards (61):

Consists of: S9a Battle Region, S10D Time Gazer / S10P Space Juggler & Starter set VSTAR Lucario / VSTAR Darkrai, Gym Promo set (Riley)

2 Trainer Gallery cards of Roselia and Chandelure (CHR cards from S9a Battle Region).

Card Number Card Name
001 Oddish
002 Gloom
003 Vileplume
014 Roselia
015 Roserade
018 Blipbug
019 Dottler
020 Orbeetle
023 Torkoal
024 Litwick
025 Lampent
026 Chandelure
028 Litleo
029 Pyroar
030 Poliwag
031 Poliwhirl
032 Politoed
038 Luvdisc
039 Shellos
046 Ducklett
047 Swanna
054 Electrike
055 Manectric
068 Jynx
071 Mawile
074 Cresselia
077 Inkay
078 Malamar
085 Poliwrath
089 Rhyhorn
090 Rhydon
091 Rhyperior
097 Makuhita
098 Hariyama
099 Meditite
100 Medicham
101 Relicanth
102 Gastrodon
103 Mienfoo
104 Mienshao
105 Landorus
108 Carbink
109 Rockruff
110 Falinks
112 Spinarak
113 Ariados
114 Murkrow
115 Honchkrow
116 Seviper
120 Darkrai
121 Inkay
122 Hoopa
128 Magearna
138 Lickitung
139 Lickilicky
149 Komala
150 Skwovet
151 Greedent
166 Riley

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Tommy Jensen
2 years ago

Wait so this means the autographed Nessa, Raihan, Bea, Bede, Hop, and Leon cards are coming to the US like the Marnie?

2 years ago

I am so excited for this set! I've wanted the autograph cards since this set was announced. I think these 4 cards are some of my favorites to come out from SwSh.