Dark Fantasma CHR & CSR Cards Revealed

Published on 8 May 2022 at 10:12

Pikachu's foot is in your face Akari!

CHR & CSR cards of Dark Fantasma are being revealed during the Champions League 2022 Yokohama Livestream in Japan. Come back for more updates.



Hisuian Arcanine CHR (with Rei), Pikachu CHR (with Akari), Spiritomb CHR (with Vessa) & Enamorus V (with Cogita) CSR have been revealed. Stay tuned for more news next week.


Update 2: Official high quality images added. 

Update 3: Gengar CHR (with Miss Fortune Bandits) revealed & Magnezone V SR.

Dark Fantasma releases on May 13, 2022.

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