Yamper & Victini V Champions League 2022 Promo Revealed

Published on 3 October 2021 at 10:21

Victini promo!

Yamper & Victini V promos wil be given out to participants at the Champions League 2022 Kyoto event (and future ones too), that is being held this Sunday on October 4.


In this event you can also get the Escape Rope Promo (Top 64) & Top 32 Deck Sleeves Prizes.


For more info about this event, you can look it up in Japanese on the official webpage:



This Victini V promo artwork was released a while ago in English in the V Battle Decks - Victini V / Gardevoir V. However the moves are different. They are from Victini V from Battle Styles.

Victini V image from @pokeca_tac

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