PokeGuardian Podcast #17 - More Celebrations, Start Deck 100 & Arceus Set Star Birth Coming?

Published on 16 September 2021 at 18:00
PokeGuardian Podcast #16 - Fusion Strike, VMAX Climax, Gold Reshiram & Charizard GX

Welcome to the PokeGuardian Podcast. This is the 17th episode. The hosts of the show will be Taj from PokéTaj, Zakariya (PrimalLugia), the webmaster of PokeGuardian. And in this episode we have a returning guest all the way from Australia on our episode: Julian from okJLUV.


This 2 hour episode will some Celebrations / Japanese 25th Anniversary Collection set stuff, the upcoming Start Deck 100 product which had it's own special reveal last Sunday, everyone expected something else that day. The first set of 2022 could be a Pokemon Legends: Arceus tie-in set named Star Birth. Let's talk about it.


If you would like to catch up on the latest videos from Julian, you can find his YouTube channel okJLUV here along with his social media accounts:

00:00 - Intro
00:27 - Card Pickups/Highlights
08:34 - Garchomp C LV.X & Dialga From S8a 25th Anniversary Collection
14:55 - Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Ad Revealed, Full Art Professor’s Research Professor Oak, Gardevoir ex Delta Species
22:30 - Greninja Gold Star Promo Revealed From the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box
34:40 - Mewtwo EX & Reshiram From S8a 25th Anniversary Collection
41:45 - Celebrations 25th Anniversary Tin Dark Sylveon V / Lance's Charizard V
52:11 - Sobble on the Ball GAME UK Exclusive Store Pokémon Futsal Promo
1:08:25 - Piplup Promo From Project Piplup
1:13:24 - Japanese TCG Set Star Birth That Features Arceus Allegedly Releasing in January 2022, VSTAR Mechanic Mentioned
1:23:27 - Dark Fantasma" Trademarked, Possible New TCG Set Name
1:28:50 - "Space Juggler" and "Time Gazer" trademarked, possible new set names
1:33:44 - Start Deck 100
1:59:55 - Outro

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