S7D Skyscraping Perfect / S7R Blue Sky Stream All SR/HR/UR Cards

Published on 8 July 2021 at 17:31

S7D Skyscraping Perfect / S7R Blue Sky Stream SR/HR/UR cards have been revealed today.

The latest expansion set of Sword & Shield! Expect many of these cards to be included in Evolving Skies.

This set has been released on Friday July 9, 2021 in Japan. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!

S7D Skyscraping Perfect

S7R Blue Sky Stream

S7D Skyscraping Perfect

Card Number Card Name
068/067 Suicune V SR
069/067 Golurk V SR
070/067 Golurk V SR SA
071/067 Lycanroc V SR
072/067 Garbodor V SR
073/067 Noivern V SR
074/067 Noivern V SR SA
075/067 Duraludon V SR
076/067 Duraludon V SR SA
077/067 Raihan SR
078/067 School Girl SR
079/067 Copycat SR
080/067 Lycanroc VMAX HR
081/067 Garbodor VMAX HR
082/067 Duraludon VMAX HR
083/067 Duraludon VMAX HR SA
084/067 Raihan HR
085/067 School Girl HR
086/067 Copycat HR
087/067 Cresselia UR
088/067 Full Face Shield UR
089/067 Crystal Cave UR
090/067 Metal Energy UR

S7R Blue Sky Stream

Card Number Card Name
068/067 Trevenant V SR
069/067 Volcarona V SR
070/067 Gyarados V SR SA
071/067 Medicham V SR
072/067 Medicham V SR SA
073/067 Dragonite V SR
074/067 Dragonite V SR SA
075/067 Rayquaza V SR
076/067 Rayquaza V SR SA
077/067 Shauna SR
078/067 School Boy SR
079/067 Zinnia SR
080/067 Trevenant VMAX HR
081/067 Gyarados VMAX HR
082/067 Rayquaza VMAX HR
083/067 Rayquaza  VMAX HR SA
084/067 Shauna HR
085/067 School Boy HR
086/067 Zinnia HR
087/067 Froslass UR
088/067 Toy Catcher UR
089/067 Tempest Range  UR
090/067 Lightning Energy UR

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3 years ago

Can't believe there's no special art for Gyarados...

3 years ago

Shame, was rather hoping they'd do an alternate art for Gyarados. I really hate that CGI Gyarados model that they've been recycling since XY on the 3DS.

I want Gyarados "ART", like the garys from Ancient Origins.