Special Art Flareon VMAX, Vaporeon VMAX & Jolteon VMAX Revealed, Limited to 3000 sets by Lottery

Published on 2 July 2021 at 07:17

Flareon VMAX, Vaporeon VMAX & Jolteon VMAX will all get a Special Art card!

A Summer Pokemon Card Game campaign in Japan will start from July 21, 2021 to September 30, 2021.


During this Summer campaign, you can sign up for a special lottery via an application page at the Japanese Pokemon Card Game Players Club (you need an account for that). According to ToineLay, you need to first submit a log of a PTCG game you played with friends or family during the summer.


And then if you are lucky, you are selected 1 out of 3000 people to get 1 set of all 3 Flareon VMAX (186/S-P) , Vaporeon VMAX (187/S-P) & Jolteon VMAX (188/S-P) Special Art cards.


We expect these promos will get very expensive and very sought-after in the future.

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3 years ago

There's any chance to participate in that lottery from outside Japan? Or is it impossible?

3 years ago

Es wäre schön wenn es diese Karten auch zu uns nach Deutschland schaffen, es gibt so schöne Karten die leider nie bei uns in Deutschland rausgekommen sind

3 years ago

Also kann man als deutscher gar nicht teilnehmen?

3 years ago

This is some BS is you ask me. Why did they intentionally not include them in the main set? To make the even harder for their fans to get? So dumb. I love Pokémon, but screw the Pokémon company.

Jennifer Collins
3 years ago

These are cards I could care less about price there "shheeeesssshhhh" lol as there putting it today .. I would of said breath taking... Lol

3 years ago

So again nearly no chance as a European to get these. Pokemon company making themself some expensive collector stuff no one is able to get, bravo

3 years ago

so tired of this constant discrimination against the non-japanese (hehe), it's time we get some of these so-called exclusives too, otherwise at this rate only the very rich outside of japan will be able to get any of the future pokemon cards.

2 years ago