Special Delivery Bidoof Pokemon Center Promo Revealed on Bidoof Day

Published on 1 July 2021 at 18:00

Bidoof is flying!

Special Delivery Bidoof SWSH177 has been revealed as a Pokemon Center promo. So far we dont know more. We wil update this article when we know more.


Update 19-08-2021:

Special Delivery Bidoof Pokemon Center Promo Codes are currently being distributed. 

Check the official FAQ here from the Pokemon Center Support page about this promotion.


The information is unclear but this is how you could potentially obtain(?) a Special Delivery Bidoof:

You have to log in and click this link: https://www.pokemoncenter.com/thank-you-for-your-interest/

If you are successful, you get a code (?) that allows you to get Special Delivery Bidoof with a $20 USD+ spend. Apparently the offer to get a code expires on July 10. We don't give any guarantee that this method works.


This is all we know so far. We don't know if it's a physical card or online card. We know physical copies exist (see the youtube video below). When things get more transparent at Pokemon Center we will update this article.

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Piotr Jaworski
4 months ago

This is the most fantastic card I've ever seen. I would be honored to have this in my collection

Isaac Thomas
4 months ago

I need this in my life haha

Johan Guevara
4 months ago

This card is amazing

Martin Saienni
4 months ago


Dennis Klimesch
4 months ago

This is a fantastic card design. I would be honored to have this in my collection

Graeme smith
4 months ago

I need this 😍

Jane Watt
4 months ago

what a cool card!!

Ryan Angelito
4 months ago

I need this in my collection!

Meldin Rizvic
4 months ago


4 months ago

I think the link will only work for the original ower of the email adress. It says:We’ve made note of your interest. Good luck with all your battles and trades! But I cant enter my email adress.

4 months ago

This is the same thing mine said as the original owner!

Lisa-Kim Rossi
4 months ago

France needs this card, i want so much!

Zora Lassen
4 months ago

Finally Bidoof gets the recognition it deserves <3

Claudio fattore
4 months ago

In gods hands 🙌, really want one is this how you register

Elias trejo
4 months ago

Special delivery what?? I’m in!!!

4 months ago

register me please😂

Ashlyn Gamerman
4 months ago

Need it

Ryan Cooper
4 months ago

I would really love to add one of these to my collection thanks Pokemon Centres

Sophia Spach
4 months ago

I’m interested :) it looks amazing! Wow!!!!!!

April Smith
4 months ago

Would love a special delivery bidoof card

luis granger
4 months ago


Joshua ortiz
4 months ago

Need this card

4 months ago

Would love this card

Azhar Choudhry
4 months ago

We in Europe often get overseen when it comes to these pokemon promos. Therefore, it awesome to participate and hopefully have a chance to get this card☺️

4 months ago

Europe won't get this either... You need to spend 20 on Pokémon center for it later.

chriss goober
4 months ago

i would like handsome boy for me binder

Mike Chiapuzio
4 months ago

This would add to the awesomeness of my and my son's collections in trying to build

4 months ago

I sometimes wonder why would someone from Europe even bother collecting cards since we always get left out of all of these promo's
Would love to get this card...

Manuel Hernandez
4 months ago

Where or how can I get me one of these? :)

Shannon Waterhouse
4 months ago

how do you register interest?

4 months ago

I NEED this in my collection!

4 months ago

Id really love to get one of these cards please please

Nate Victor
4 months ago


Juan Pacheco
4 months ago

I need this in my life !!

Paul Sims
4 months ago

Such a cool card and well executed would love one for my collection

4 months ago


Joshua Ross
4 months ago

Awesome card!

Isaiah Guardado
4 months ago

Wow beat thing I’ve ever seen

Alan Osorio
4 months ago

Would love this card for my girl

Andy Harris
4 months ago

Just started collecting again. Would love to add this card to my collection!

Matthew Pinner
4 months ago

Lovely card

Joe donovan
4 months ago

Would love to have this card as I’m a massive Pokémon card collector and play Pokémon go everyday I just love Pokémon

Edgar B Sandoval
4 months ago

My kids and I would love to add this to are collection. In my kids own words the card is cute we need to get it.

Logan Rindock
4 months ago


Ryan Hinchy
4 months ago

Super cool card, I love special cards like this 😁

christian allen
4 months ago

I would like a cards to add to my collection please

4 months ago

I am very interested in the cards to add to my collection please

Tan-Tai Pham
4 months ago

Beautiful card!

Mark Senyek
4 months ago

cool, I'm in.

Gary f Gray
4 months ago

I would love this, please let me get it

4 months ago


Jon Backer
4 months ago

How do I enter to get this Promo Code? I Appreciate your time and Effort with this Matter thankyou From the bottom of my Heart! Sincerely Jon Backer

2 months ago

Legit been waiting on this card mad dope and cute