More Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign Cards Revealed

Published on 2 June 2021 at 17:14

More cards of the upcoming Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign set have been revealed.


Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V, Galarian Moltres V, Special Art Zeraora V and Cresselia have been officially revealed. All of these newly revealed cards were originally released in the Japanese sets S6H / S6K Sword & Shield - Silver Lance / Jet-Black Poltergeist & S5a Matchless Fighters that released earlier this year.

Update 3-6-2021: Added official images of Special Art Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V and Galarian Moltres V

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Chilling Reign will release on Friday, June 18, 2021.

We have added additional scans from Chilling Reign from the Dutch Official Pokémon Magazine. Metagross V / VMAX, Tornadus V / VMAX, Celebi V / VMAX, Blaziken V / VMAX, Blissey V, Volcanion V and Galarian Rapidish V Special Art have been revealed in this magazine. 

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