S5I / S5R Single Strike Master / Rapid Strike Master All SR/HR/UR Cards

Published on 20 January 2021 at 03:27

S5I / S5R Single Strike Master / Rapid Strike Master SR/HR/UR cards are being revealed today. 

The latest expansion set of Sword & Shield! This dual set will be included in our Battle Styles set. Expect many of these cards to be included in Battle Styles.

It's still developing so this page will be actively updated throughout the day, so please come back! 

This set will release on Friday January 22, 2021. What is your favorite card of this set? Let us know!


(These images come from various Japanese marketplaces)


Update: Set list is complete, all images added.

S5I Single Strike Master

S5R Rapid Strike Master

S5I Single Strike Master


071/070 Flapple V SR
072/070 Tapu Koko V SR
073/070 Mimikyu V SR
074/070 Urshifu V SR
075/070 Urshifu V SR (Special Art)
076/070 Tyranitar V SR
077/070 Tyranitar V SR (Special Art)
078/070 Stoutland V SR
079/070 Bruno SR
080/070 Phoebe SR
081/070 Mustard - Single Strike Stance SR
082/070 Flapple VMAX HR
083/070 Tapu Koko VMAX HR
084/070 Urshifu VMAX HR
085/070 Urshifu VMAX HR (Special Art)
086/070 Bruno HR
087/070 Phoebe HR
088/070 Mustard - Single Strike Stance HR
089/070 Houndoom UR
090/070 Exp. Share UR
091/070 Single Strike Energy UR

S5R Rapid Strike Master


071/070 Kricketune V SR
072/070 Victini V SR
073/070 Empoleon V SR
074/070 Empoleon V SR (Special Art)
075/070 Necrozma V SR
076/070 Urshifu V SR
077/070 Urshifu V (Special Art)
078/070 Corviknight V SR
079/070 Korrina's Motivation SR
080/070 Mustard - Rapid Strike Stance SR
081/070 Cheryl SR
082/070 Victini VMAX HR
083/070 Urshifu VMAX HR
084/070 Urshifu VMAX HR (Special Art)
085/070 Corviknight VMAX HR
086/070 Korrina's Motivation HR
087/070 Mustard - Rapid Strike Stance HR
088/070 Cheryl HR
089/070 Octillery UR
090/070 Level Ball UR
091/070 Rapid Strike Energy UR

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3 years ago

All I want is the Flapple cards. They look absolutely amazing!