General Mills Cereal Boxes to Include Pokémon 25th Anniversary Promo Booster Packs

Published on 15 January 2021 at 18:57

General Mills will include special Pokémon 25th anniversary themed promo packs in their cereal boxes.

Someone has shared images online of General Mills Promo Packs being distributed soon in General Mills Cereal boxes. These are 3-Card Packs and features Galar Pokémon. These promo's are cards that were previously released and 5 of them will get a holofoil treatment. These holofoil cards were previously (cosmofoil holo) promo cards before from past products.


According to this public Facebook Group called PokemonTCG1, where we also seen this image from, these packs will be released on February 27, 2021. We can't confirm this date for ourselves yet. The set list also got revealed and we have seen which specific cards will get the holofoil treatment. The Pikachu promo has a special 25th anniversary stamped logo in there. We don't know if this specific card is rarer than the other cards in these packs.


We don't know where these images actually originated from, probably from an anonymous source that didn't want to share their identity. When more info has been officially revealed, we will update this article with official images.


The Pokémon Company International officially mentioned 2 days ago on their website that they would work together with other well-known brands including General Mills.


Update 8-3-2021: The promotion has been officially revealed on and on

''For a limited time, select General Mills cereals including Golden Grahams, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms will contain a special three-card Pokémon TCG booster pack. Each pack will contain one foil Pikachu card and two additional Pokémon. In total, there are 14 unique collectible cards—although the Galarian Ponyta card will only be available in family-sized cereal boxes at Walmart.''

Holofoil treatment

Regular cards

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Matt Deegan
3 years ago

Love all the 25th Anniversary reveals, although I’m not too impressed by these promos. Would like to see some unique artwork and all of them have the special stamp. Nonetheless, people will chase the Pikachu.

Jared Miclea
3 years ago

You are probably right

3 years ago

Pikachu card is in every pack... so it’s the most common card in the set

Paul Donnelly
3 years ago

I thought there would be more selection of high power pokemon like venasaur blastoise mewtwo. disappointed at the cards tobe honest

3 years ago

Hatenna is also confirmed to be a holo. Thank you for the information !

3 years ago

Oops this was a small mistake. Fixed thanks!

Shaun Richards
3 years ago

Disappointing tbh. why do pokemon insist on using same artwork over and over

3 years ago

New art cost money

3 years ago

Hi i live in portugal and unfortunually i cant find these cereals here. There someone willing to send me a pikachu card? I will pay

Luis T
3 years ago

Hello, are you still looking for the pikachu card?

3 years ago

I have a pikachu card if you’re still looking

3 years ago

I got it email me

Robert Gaspar
3 years ago

Thanks for explaining that Galarian Ponyta was an exclusive. The cereal box only describes 13 cards, so knowing I am short one is bittersweet.

Ben Hahn
3 years ago

I just got a cocoa puffs box and got a Snom, Sinistea and that same SWSH039 Pikachu, how much is that Pikachu card worth?

Damarcs Wetzl-Lacy
3 years ago

How much is one with 25th anniversary logo on the Pikachu card?

3 years ago

how much is stamped pikachu worth

3 years ago

I got one with the foil and 25 stamp today those come in every pack