Eevee Heroes, Blue Sky Stream and Skyscraping Perfect Have Been Trademarked Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak

Published on 14 December 2020 at 19:41

New trademarks have filed by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak. And these could be potentially new TCG sets. 

Falls under Class 28 - Games, toys and playthings, where the TCG also falls under.

  • イーブイヒーローズ (Eevee Heroes)
  • 蒼空ストリーム (Blue Sky Stream)
  • 摩天パーフェクト (Skyscraping Perfect)


According to Tunu1223, the word "蒼空" in 蒼空ストリーム (Blue Sky Stream) has been used before in the 2004 Japanese set 蒼空の激突 (Clash of the Blue Sky) of what we know as EX Deoxys here. This reminds Tunu1223 of Deoxys and Rayquaza, that were prominent in that set. 


Skyscraping Perfect could indicate that a Duraludon & Zygarde set could be coming. 


And Eevee Heroes, should what the name implies, focus on a potential Eevee(lution) set. 


Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet. The trademarks could be used for something else, but these sets sound like set names that could be used for the Japanese TCG sets.

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3 years ago

Hopefully there is a Latias V and Latios V in Blue Sky Stream

Jared Miclea
3 years ago

I think this could POSSIBLY be part of our 25th Anniversary set. I could be wrong but maybe they will bring back older cards and upgrade their attacks so they could be added to the set. WARNING: THIS IS ONLY A SPECULATION!