Shiny Bunnelby and Shiny Falinks V Revealed From S4a Shiny Star V

Published on 17 November 2020 at 12:29

Shiny Bunnelby and Shiny Falinks V has been revealed from S4a Shiny Star V. These are both reprinted cards from Rebel Clash and Darkness Ablaze in their shiny form.


We have created a preliminary page of the so far revealed shiny cards of Shiny Star V. Please check it out.

Original English version

Original English version

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4 years ago

Falinks V was from Rebel Clash, not Darkness Ablaze right? Or was Falinks V in the Japanese equivalent of Darkness Ablaze?

4 years ago

Yes, Falinks V is from Rebel Clash and is from the Japanese equivalent of Rebel Clash which was Rebellious Clash