Vivid Voltage Launch Campaign Revealed, Free Marnie Deck Sleeves

Published on 30 October 2020 at 15:29

Do you like Marnie? Well there is a chance we may get Free Marnie Deck Sleeves soon from stores!

Our friend from Hong Kong, @ptcgcollector (thank you!) has been given out this free Marnie Deck Sleeve pack while buying Vivid Voltage products at his Local Card Shop.

This is part of a Vivid Voltage Launch Campaign from Pokémon. So far this campaign has only been seen in Hong Kong. There is no information as of now, if this is an international campaign or not. We don't have this kind of information.


The reason that this could be an Pokémon TCG Asia exclusive only, is because the Deck sleeves mention Pokémon Card Game instead of Pokémon TCG on there, which would be unusual branding for an international product. Pokémon Card Game is usually used for Asia only. 


The flyer mentions you would get this Free Marnie Deck Sleeve pack when you buy 1 Vivid Voltage Booster Box, or spend over HKD 1,100 ($141.86 USD) on Pokémon TCG, with at least 1 Vivid Voltage item inside. 


Of course, all while supplies last. We are very curious if this campaign will release internationally. 

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3 years ago


Leo Onissiphorou
3 years ago

i just got my first ultra rare so i need some were to put it so can i pls have your sleeves.