Vivid Voltage Thank You Promo's Revealed

Published on 23 October 2020 at 01:37

New 'Thank You' promo's have been revealed. Card stores in South America are recieving these 'Thank You' or in this case, 'Gracias' promo packs because of the global pandemic. Pokémon is thanking everyone.

Stores that ordered the Darkness Ablaze marketing kit before, got the Hydreigon Thank You promo.

These specific new Thank You promo's revealed now come with the Play! Pokémon Logo stamp. These come in packs of 50 cards.

Organized Play is sending these promo's to Store Leagues soon too. So your Local Game Store that is selling Vivid Voltage Prerelease kits, might have these promo's available for you too soon. We recommend contacting them first before you visit.


Official Store locator:


Update: Added better pictures, thank you to our friends over at Alpha Teaster TCG!

Update 2: English versions exist too. Please check with your Local Game Store if they have them. 

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Tyler Canale
4 years ago

will these realese in english?