Sword & Shield 4.5, Sword & Shield 5, V Battle Deck, VMAX Battle Style Box and More Future Product Releases Confirmed to Come

Published on 6 October 2020 at 06:10

We have got some very nice information regarding future products confirmed to come out in the future. All of these products have no product description and no product image, but some placeholder product names already reveal alot of what they are. And there are probably still more products to come that are yet unrevealed. 


Sword & Shield 5 products also have been listed, while there is no date listed, we still think it's a May 2021 release from what we've been told last time by our sources. But this is still not confirmed yet! Sword & Shield 4.5 (Potential 25th anniversary set) products also have been listed too.


We think the V Battle Style Box / VMAX Battle Style Box products are Urshifu related. Of course time will tell when more information and images of these products are revealed. This is a good indication of what's to come in the first and early second quarter of 2021. 


We will create a Pokémon TCG Winter 2020/2021 Products Release Guide very soon. 


Please Note: The information seen on this page is subject to change without notice and are only placeholder names. 

SWSH4.5 (February set):

  • $8.99 Mini Tins
  • $14.99 Pin Box 
  • $19.99 V Special Collection 
  • $24.99 V Tin
  • $39.99 VMAX Premium Collection 
  • $49.99 Elite Trainer Box

SWSH5 (May set?):

  • $3.99 Booster
  • $4.99 Mini Portfolio
  • $12.99 3-pack Blister
  • $39.99 Elite Trainer Box

Other February releases:

  • $14.99 V Battle Deck
  • $29.99 Battle Deck Bundle

Other May releases:

  • $14.99 V Battle Deck
  • $19.99 V Special Collection
  • $24.99 League Battle Deck
  • $29.99 Battle Deck Bundle

Other releases:

  • $12.99 Poke Ball Tins (releases Feb/Mar)
  • $19.99 V Tins ("spring")
  • $19.99 V Tins ("summer")
  • $19.99 V Battle Style Box ( unknown release date)
  • $24.99 VMAX Battle Style Box (unknown release date)
  • $24.99 Collector's Chest (unknown release date)

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Jared Miclea
4 years ago

Don't forget about the Battle Academy Season 2.