France Exclusive Slowpoke & Psyduck TAG TEAM GX Box Revealed

Published on 17 September 2020 at 00:03

France has released a French Exclusive Slowpoke & Psyduck TAG TEAM GX Box. 


This box includes the Special Art version of Slowpoke & Psyduck GX from Unified Minds. It looks like a straight print from the set. Secondly, the description also says it includes a never released exclusive promo. This is just the French version of Sudowoodo SM207 promo, apparently never released in France.

This promo was released in English as a Unified Minds Checklane blister promo, France doesn't have Checklane blisters during set releases. And lastly, it will include an oversized version of the Special Art version of Slowpoke & Psyduck GX, exclusive to France.


It's available now in France at Maxitoys and will cost €29,99.

Also very interesting to mention, that France is including Ultra Prism packs?

This product is very interesting, since a Special Art TAG TEAM GX card from a set, was reprinted into a product. Remember the Legacy Evolution Pin Collection? Could always be possible now TPCi could reprint some of these Special Arts into products similar to the Legacy Evolution Pin Collection, which also consisted of reprinted cards from XY sets. Will we see this product outside of France? Probably not. France is a little disconnected from the rest with their products.

France has their own line of products, recently they had for example an King Jouet store Exclusive Eevee GX Box that included an Eevee GX SM242 and (missing) Eevee SM184. And Exclusive to France, an oversized version of Eevee GX SM242. It seems that there are missing Sun & Moon Promo's that France needs to catch up with.

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michael gibbs
4 years ago

France Exclusive Slowpoke & Psyduck TAG TEAM GX Box was wanting to buy it is there a way to