Pokemon Card Game 20th Anniversary Deck Box Sold on Auction for $11,200

Published on 30 August 2020 at 17:09

Yes, you heard it right. A very special and rare official Pokémon Card Game 20th Anniversary Deck Box given out by Creatures Inc. has surfaced on the public and has been sold today on Japanese Yahoo Auction today for 1.181.000 Japanese yen ($11.209,72 USD). 

This (real) leather Deck Box was given out during the 20th anniversary of Pokémon by Creatures Inc. only to Pokémon TCG illustrators, and celebrities Minami Takahashi and Shoko Nakagawa at the time. 


Inside the packaging and letter, it includes a special transparent Deck Box (holds double sleeved cards) inside the leather wrapped Deck Box decorated with Pikachu 20th anniverary silhouettes and a GX marker keychain.


Since it was not meant for the public, it's safe to assume, that this is a very special limited Deck Box. The chances of this item being sold at the public is very low. You can find the auction here.


What do you think of this auction? Would you pay that price for such a rare Deck Box?

Hitoshi Ariga, Ovopack and Minami Takahashi tweeting out their gift from Creatures.

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